About us

Our goals and ideas

The Romet Group is an innovative and progressive company established to bring together aspirational brands in the restaurant, food and beverage, media and real estate industry. A leading cutting edge business with key partners, employees and associates their aim is to become a global force.

Their steady progression sees them grow to embrace brands including Venerdi Cucina Italiana, Cod & Co., and KentMedia. With numerous employees, the Romet Group employs the latest technological advancement to streamline its services and serve not only its customers but also to work dynamically with its key partners and serve the communities in which they operate.
Their success is down to a strong commitment to customer service, providing first-class products and services, the ability to attract and entice the right clients and customers to win and retain profitable business and their ability to differentiate themselves from their competitors. By fostering a culture of accountability and sound organisational structure, each brand has clear lines of communications and responsibility with each other to create continued growth and development.

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